Dr. Shane Shook
Venture Consultant, ForgePoint Capital

Fraud Investigator & Venture Consultant, Dr. Shane Shook Talks Behavioral Biometrics

In the COVID-era when everyone is doing nearly everything online, securing and protecting the privacy of our customer and employee digital engagement is more important than ever.

Unfortunately, with growing adoption of static (physical) biometrics modalities like fingerprints and facial recognition, organizations are discovering that this approach still requires user friction, and worse - may still leave your organization vulnerable.

Global Fraud Investigator, Venture Consultant, and former PWC Managing Director, Dr. Shane Shook discusses the differences between static and behavioral biometrics. And how going behavioral can help your team better balance between security, privacy, compliance, and user experience.

Dr. Shook presented this session at the 2020 ISMG Virtual Cybersecurity & Fraud Summit in Washington D.C.


  • Review the cybercrime landscape through the identity lens.

  • Understand the multi-factor authentication (MFA) balancing act.

  • Learn the differences between static and behavioral biometrics, and how to digitally transform your business while better balancing between security, privacy, compliance, and great user experience.

Approximately 15 minutes duration.

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About BehavioSec

BehavioSec is an industry pioneer and advanced technology provider of behavioral biometrics and continuous authentication, safeguarding millions of users and billions of transactions today.

Deployed across Fortune 500 companies to dramatically reduce fraud, friction, threat and theft, BehavioSec verifies and protects human digital identities by understanding how we uniquely type and swipe across our ever-changing devices. Whether used in the cloud or on-premises, BehavioSec delivers the superior user experience, precision and scale needed by organizations to keep customers engaged while catching evasive, real-time attacks other solutions miss.