KuppingerCole Executive View


Martin Kuppinger

Founder and Principal Analyst at KuppingerCole Analysts AG

Published March 2022

KuppingerCole’s Executive View report dives into BehavioSec’s risk analysis and authentication solution, sharing a product overview, strengths, and challenges, providing guidance for organizations to make informed purchasing decisions.

Fraud has emerged as one of the biggest and still growing threats. The vast majority of successful cyberattacks, as well as various forms of online fraud, can be attributed to compromised digital identities. A lack of security, particularly around identity and authentication assurance is a direct contributor to these problems.

Read on to learn how BehavioSec’s behavioral biometrics leverage advanced behavioral biometrics to help their clients significantly reduce Account Takeover (ATO), New Account Fraud (NAF), and retail checkout fraud, while making more informed fraud risk decisions. Read why KuppingerCole says, “Organizations looking to improve both authentication assurance as well as the user experience will want to consider BehavioSec.”

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