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Identifying Fraud at Onboarding and Beyond

Yousuf Khan
Business Development Manager - GBG

Olov Renberg
VP & Co-Founder - BehavioSec

A customer-centric approach to identifying fraud at onboarding.


Watch the webinar to learn a more customer-centric way to authenticate and increase customer onboarding and the importance of ongoing fraud detection across all your channels with hands-on lessons from the Nordics and beyond.

Highlights include:

  • How COVID-19 is shifting the financial landscape, and why the cashless Nordic region might give an early look at what's to come.
  • How behavioral biometrics can be used to detect fraud at first site, stopping things like new account fraud.
  • How behavioral biometrics can help orchestration hubs to stop complex, socially engineered, account takeover attacks.

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Yousuf Khan
Business Development Manager - GBG

Yousuf Khan, Business Development Manager at GBG, is a highly motivated sales driven individual with a proven track record within the financial services sector.


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