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Biometrics & Digital Identity Verification – 2021 Data Protection & Privacy Regulation Insights

The events of 2020 have prompted a dramatic acceleration of online access, cyberattacks against businesses and consumers, and news headlines about the use of physical biometrics technology like facial recognition to prosecute crimes – or commit them.

One of the more novel approaches in this space is behavioral biometrics which is used to assure that the person on the other end of that log in is who they claim to be, based on how they engage.

But what are the regulatory, legal, and privacy challenges to leveraging physical or behavioral biometrics and their impacts on the choices you make for your organization and your customers?

Watch CSO Worldwide Managing Director Bob Bragdon in a BehavioSec sponsored event as he sits down with UK biometrics Analyst, Alan Goode and an expert panel to review:

  • A featured presentation by Alan Goode on his report findings including current and proposed regulations across the EU, US, APAC, and LATAM with real-world enforcement examples 

  • Biometrics modalities and how their differences impact security, compliance, and data privacy – including legal findings on behavioral biometrics, GDPR, and explicit consent requirements 

  • Live (recorded) discussion between the expert panelists
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Originally aired Tuesday, May 25, 2021

10 am PT / 1 pm ET

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Featured Speaker

Alan Goode
Chief Analyst & CEO
Goode Intelligence

Alan Goode is a global expert in biometrics, authentication/identity, fraud management, and cybersecurity solutions.

With an extensive career spanning research and consulting at Goode Intelligence, and leadership at brand names like T-Mobile, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, and Motorola, he is a frequent conference lead, speaker, and judge at events such as MoneyConf, Lendit Europe, the Biometric Summit, the Identity Summit, and ConnectID.

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Jake Bernstein, J.D.

Legal Expert
Attorney & Former US State Assistant Attorney General
Focal PLLC

A former Assistant Attorney General and regulator for the U.S. Washington State Attorney General’s office, Jake is an expert in laws regulating the collection, storage, and use of private consumer data.

Using his client representation experience in inquiries, investigations, and actions brought by regulatory agencies and his technical (ISC)² CISSP certification, his practice specializes in compliance programs for the European Union’s GDPR, state laws like the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018, and state and federal data breach statutes and regulations.

Shane Shook

Dr. Shane Shook

Cybercrime & Fraud Expert
Financial Crimes Investigator & Venture Consultant
ForgePoint Capital

A former Managing Director at PwC, Shane is a recognized veteran of information technology and security now serving as an author, trainer, consultant, and expert witness in cybercrime investigations.

Since 1986, he’s contributed to several technical standards organizations and provided expert testimony in high profile criminal, class action, US IRS, SEC, EPA, and ITC securities and financial fraud cases, as well as state and federal administrative matters.


Dr. Neil Costigan

Behavioral Biometrics Expert
CEO, BehavioSec

With over 25 years in technology company leadership roles, today Neil works closely with global companies and the world’s top banks deploying and using behavioral biometrics to prevent fraud.

Before BehavioSec, he served as Founder and CTO at Celo Communications (Celo) and VP of R&D at Gemplus (Gemalto, now Thales). A cryptographer by training, Neil holds a Ph.D in Computer Science for his thesis on Elliptic Curve Cryptography on Modern Processor Architectures.


About BehavioSec

BehavioSec is an industry pioneer and advanced technology provider of behavioral biometrics and continuous authentication, safeguarding millions of users and billions of transactions today.

Deployed across Fortune 500 companies to dramatically reduce fraud, friction, threat and theft, BehavioSec verifies and protects human digital identities by understanding how we uniquely type and swipe across our ever-changing devices. Whether used in the cloud or on-premises, BehavioSec delivers the superior user experience, precision and scale needed by organizations to keep customers engaged while catching evasive, real-time attacks other solutions miss.