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2021 Global Regulation of Physical & Behavioral Biometrics for Digital Identity Verification

Alan Goode
Chief Analyst & CEO, Goode Intelligence

UK biometrics analyst Alan Goode takes this head on. In this on-demand webcast he discusses what you need to know to navigate the 2021 regulatory landscape.

Biometrics technology is mainstreaming onto our mobile devices and into our online experiences for work, school, health, commerce, and financial services - accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

But it has also reached our nightly news streams! At this critical social and ethical juncture, business leaders, consumers, vendors, and lawmakers must balance public safety mandates against fear of inappropriate surveillance, PII data breach and liability, deep fake videos, cyberbullying, consumer privacy violations, and even racial profiling.

Sharing key findings from his new report, “2021 Global Data Privacy Regulation of Physical & Behavioral Biometrics”, Alan is joined by Dr. Marc Störing, Attorney of global law firm, Osborne Clarke, and Ingo Deutschmann, Senior Vice President, Engineering at pioneer behavioral biometrics firm, BehavioSec.

Highlights include:

  • Current and proposed regulations across the EU, US, APAC, and LATAM with real-world enforcement examples
  • Biometrics modalities and how their differences impact security, compliance, and data privacy – including legal findings on GDPR and explicit consent requirements
  • Q&A with Alan on his research

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